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Decebalus to his people – by George Cosbuc, translation Daniel Ionita

Aceste poezii traduse in limba engleza fac parte din volumul “Testament – Anthology of Romanian Verse – Bilingual Edition” (Daniel Ionita, Minerva 2012). Dorim ca prin aceste articole sa promovam frumoasa poezia romaneasca pentru cititorii de limba engleza. Puteti sa dati “Share” acestor articole catre prietenii dvs. de limba engleza. Gasiti mai multe informatii la sfarsitul acestui articol. Va multumim! Daniel Ionita & Intercer
Decebal catre popor_ Decebalus* to his people
By George Cosbuc - Translation Daniel Ionita
This life’s a stale and aimless jaunt
If you don’t live as is your wont!
A tyrant tribe demands with blare,
Around your neck a yoke to wear:
We’re born, and that’s a cursed haunt,
We wish a second snare?
For even if to gods we’re heir,
One death is all we’re asked to bear!
It’s all the same should you have died
When young, or old from life you slide;
But not the same a dog to die,
Or lion in your stride.
Those who go fighting with a whine,
Even if battling first in line,
No better are they in our sight
Than cowards who have turned to white!
For if to whining you resign,
Your cry’s a vain recite!
And to keep still, the cowards strive!
All dead are still, but who’s alive
Laugh loudly! Good ones laugh and die!
Let us then laugh, brave men, let’s fly
In roaring laughter. Thus we thrive
And hell to heaven tie!
And if the blood would flow a spring,
Your arm shall undefeated swing
When fear of death you do not know!
For like a god, you never bow,
But laugh at the worst fears that wring
And stun your strongest foe.
For they are Romans! Such a deal!
Not them, but if Zamolxes** will
With his whole host of gods descend,
We’ll ask them what they want, and send
Them back; this land’s our till,
To heavens they attend!
Grab sword and shield, disdaining vaunt
We’re born, and that’s a cursed haunt:
But he who fears this battle now
Is free to leave before we vow,
And he who’s here to scheme and taunt,
Forsake us, anyhow!
There’s not much more I need to say!
For now your hands on shields you lay
The power from your hearts to show
And from the gods! Yet heroes, know:
That gods are yonder in the sky,
But near is our foe!
* Decebalus was a Dacian king who defied successive Roman emperors in order to maintain his independence. Finally defeated, he committed suicide rather than be humiliated by his conquerors.
**Zamolxes = Dacians’ main god, living on the tops of the Carpathian Mountains.


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